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Christine A. Kovach, Ph.D.
Hello and welcome! I am so excited to have the opportunity to offer these virtual classes and I believe you will enjoy the format as well. Traditionally I have offered these sessions through multiple inservice days, but believe the flexibility offered through the online environment will be more convenient and meaningful to you. I love teaching and working with students of all ages - from grade school through adulthood. My passion is working with students having disabilities and this class focusses upon helping you develop/refine the data collection and analysis skills necessary to be successful as a teacher, therapist, counselor or paraprofessional working with students having disabilities in the school setting. As a teacher I love interacting with my students and I genuinely encourage you to share your experiences, questions and concerns as you work through the lessons. Although each person works at their own pace, each lesson is easy to follow and incorporates readings, videos, and simulation activities. Please feel free to go back and review any content necessary as you complete the assignments, including quizzes. Many students taking online classes say it is best to schedule a specific time to work on the class several times a week as time can go by quickly if one keeps thinking “I will get to it tomorrow”. I encourage you to take the Freed-Hardeman readiness assessment survey (https://www.fhu.edu/tutorials/student/online-learning-readiness- assessment) to help determine if an online class is right for you. There are several quizzes and assessments throughout the class for you to demonstrate your understanding and application of the content. If you read the material, watch the videos, ask questions as needed - you will be successful in this course. As stated above - I want you to ask questions! Please let me help you get the most from this class by asking questions and providing input into our discussions. In addition, I am more than happy to schedule a time to meet with you virtually to review any of the content that be challenging for you. The class will be completed using a TES -Blendspace links from my website. Please feel free to access help regarding this technology by the many available resources on the web, some of which are linked on the “Resources” page . Should you have additional questions regarding the format, please contact me via email with your concerns. If you have a disability which requires accommodation please contact me directly to discuss. For auditory support, Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader, is available as a free extension for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. This link is also available on the resources page. Looking forward to a successful class! Respectfully, Christine A. Kovach, Ph.D. cakphd@gmail.com
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