Data-CAT allows you to efficiently and effectively log and graph student progress on all standard Dolch and Fry word lists. The words on each page come from the frequency order of the original lists and are arranged in alphabetical order to make logging of responses quick and efficient. No more getting dizzy hunting down a word as your student is flying through flashcards!
This graph depicts student performance on a writing rubric. As shown here, you can easily see the overall progress the student is making as well as his/her performance on the individual components. By displaying the data graphically, teachers and students can easily track and analyze performance and target areas for improvement with each lesson. Data-CAT contains a Writing Process Rubric, a variety of specialty rubrics as well as numerous blank rubrics that can be used for tracking performance over a large number of skills.
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The server version of Data-CAT has been discontinued. Current subscriptions are active until their expiration date.
Data-CAT consists of a series of custom designed data collection forms. Never before has it been easier to monitor current status of a goal! Our comprehensive forms allow for quick logging of data collection sessions in an efficient manner that makes your data usable! At a glance you can determine which goals are progressing and which may need additional remediation Data-CAT currently has over 150 forms to allow for efficient goal tracking on a daily basis.
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