DATA MANAGEMENT Data-CAT is a complete classroom data organization system to manage all of the information that needs recorded on a regular basis. Data-CAT provides a format to keep your student demographic information up to date and accessible while providing easy sorting options for quick reference whenever needed. Once demographic information is entered on the data entry form - goals are then added and individualized data forms are selected to monitor the status of that given goal. Data-CAT currently has over 150 forms that have been custom-designed to efficiently log status on a daily basis. Once all information has been added, goal sheets, with their customized data collection forms are then printed to be used in data collection binders.
Frequent data collection and analysis has always been vital to student success now  makes it easy to implement!
Data-CAT allows you to efficiently and effectively log and graph student progress on all standard Dolch and Fry word lists. The words on each page come from the frequency order of the original lists and are arranged in alphabetical order to make logging of responses quick and efficient. No more getting dizzy hunting down a word as your student is flying through flashcards!
This graph depicts student performance on a writing rubric. As shown here, you can easily see the overall progress the student is making as well as his/her performance on the individual components. By displaying the data graphically, teachers and students can easily track and analyze performance and target areas for improvement with each lesson. Data-CAT contains a Writing Process Rubric, a variety of specialty rubrics as well as numerous blank rubrics that can be used for tracking performance over a large number of skills.
These images are from the data list print screen. They provide a quick reference list that can be sorted in a variety of ways. The first list shows alphabetical sort by last name while the second list demonstrates sort by IEP due date. The frequency/duration column tends to be used more by therapists.
Access from any device through web-based encrypted secure server. (Mac, PC, iOS, Android)
ALL YOUR INFORMATION - ALL IN ONE PLACE This is the one system you need for effective data management. Data - Collect, Analyze, Target! Not only will recording of data be efficient, you will be able to easily analyze it. All of the forms are self-graphing, enabling you to notice trends and determine when and what changes might be needed - TARGET! It is easy to determine if that new strategy put in place is working or if further changes are needed. Data-CAT forms have been professionally developed and used extensively in classroom and therapy settings.
KNOW GOAL STATUS INSTANTLY Current status can be determined at a glance to transfer to your distriict’s progress recording forms - or for that quick after-school phone call!
Improve Outcomes for RTI, Title Services and Special Education!
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