Two Can Tech LLC Software End User Agreement                (covering Data-CAT, S.O.A.R. Applications)
The   herein   contained   License   Agreement   ("License"   or   "EULA")   shall   be   considered   a   legally   binding   agreement   between   You   (as   an individual   or   an   entity,   who   then   shall,   within      the      constraints   of   this   agreement,   be   referred   to   as   "You"   or   "Your")   and   Two   Can   Tech   LLC     for      the      use   of   the   specified   software   application   of   SOAR   Applications,   Data-CAT   And   HAMS,   which   may   include   related   printed   material, media   and   any   other   components   and/or   software   modules,   including   but   not   limited   to   required   drivers   ("Product").   Other   aspects   of   the Product   may   also   include,   but   are   not   limited   to,   software   updates   and   any   upgrades   necessary   that   Two   Can   Tech   LLC   may   supply   to   You or   make   available   to   You,   or   that   You   could   obtain   after   the   initial   copy   of      the   Product,   and   as   such   that   said   items   are   not   accompanied   by     a separate license agreement    or terms of    use. BY   WAY   OF   THE   INSTALLATION,   COPYING,   DOWNLOADING,   ACCESSING   OR   OTHERWISE   USE   OF   THIS   PRODUCT,   YOU   ARE AGREEING   TO   BE   LEGALLY   BOUND   BY   THE   HEREIN   CONTAINED   TERMS   OF   THIS   LICENSE   AGREEMENT.      IF   YOU   DO   NOT AGREE    TO    BE    BOUND    BY    THE    TERMS    OF    THIS    EULA,    YOU    THEN    HAVE    NO    RIGHTS    TO    THE    PRODUCT    AND    SHOULD THEREFORE NOT INSTALL, COPY, DOWNLOAD, ACCESS NOR USE THE PRODUCT. This Product is hereby protected by copyright laws, as well as any other intellectual property laws. This Product is licensed and not sold.


Two   Can   Tech   LLC   shall   grant   to   you   a   non-exclusive   license   for   the   use   and   installation   of   the   Product   subject   to   all   the   terms   and conditions   set   forth   herein.   Furthermore,   this   EULA   shall   also   govern   any   and   all   software   upgrades   provided   by   Two   Can   Tech   LLC   that would   replace,   over      write   and/or   supplement   the   original   installed   version   of   the   Product,   unless   those   other   upgrades   are    covered    under    a   separate    license,    at    which    those    terms    of    that    license    will    govern.


Should   you   breach   this   EULA   at   any   time,   your   right   to   the   use   of   the   Product   will   then   immediately   terminate   and   shall   terminate   without any   notice   being   given.   However,   all   provisions   of   this   EULA,   with   the   exception   of   the   License   Grant,   will   remain   in   effect   and   thus   shall survive termination. Upon termination of the License Grant, You MUST  destroy any and all copies of the Product.


The   aforementioned   Product   is   protected   by   copyright   and   other   intellectual   property   laws   and   treaties,   and   as   such   all   rights,   title,   and interest   in   and   to   the   content   offered,   including   but   not   limited   to,   any   photographs,   images,   video   animation,   text,   and   music,   that   may   be incorporated            as   part   of   the   offered   content.   Such   offered   content   is   protected   by   copyright   laws   and   international   treaty   provisions. Therefore,   offered   content   must   be   treated   as   any   other   copyrighted   material,   with   the   exception   that   it   is   allowable   for   you   to   make   copies as provided by the License. However, printed material, which may accompany any offered content, may not be copied.


As a Licensee, You may not: a) Make use of the offered content on more than one computer at a time, without prior purchase of additional licenses; b) You may not share, distribute, lend, lease, sublicense or otherwise make available, in any manner whatsoever, to any third party the offered content; c) Modify, adapt, create derivative works from or translate any part of the offered content other than what may be used within  Your work in accordance with this License; d) Reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the offered content, nor attempt to locate or obtain its source code; e) Attempt to alter or remove any trademark, copyright or other proprietary notice contained within the offered content; or f) Make use of any offered content in any manner not stipulated within this EULA or the documentation accompanying the offered  content.


Two   Can   Tech   LLC   may   find   the   need   from   time   to   time   to   make   available   to   all   license   holders   updates   for   the   offered   content,   in accordance   with   the   herein   contained   terms   and   conditions   of   this   EULA.   It   shall   be   at   the   sole   discretion   of   Two   Can   Tech   LLC   to   make conditional   releases   of   said   upgrade   to   you   upon   your   acceptance   of   another   EULA   or   execution   of   another   separate   agreement.   Should you   elect   to   install   and   make   use   of   these   updates,   you   are   therefore   agreeing   to   be   subject   to   all   applicable   license,   terms   and   conditions of this EULA and/or any    other    agreement.


With   regard   and   with   relationship   to   the   maximum   extent   permitted   by      applicable      law,   Two   Can   Tech   LLC,   and,   if   applicable,   related suppliers,   shall   provide   the   Product   and      any      support      services,   if   needed,   related   to   the   Product,   and   hereunto   disclaim   all   warranties   and conditions,   either   express,   implied   or   statutory,   which   may   include,   but   are   not   limited   to,   any   implied      warranties   or   conditions   of merchantability,   of   suitability   for   a   specified   purpose,   that   it   contains   absolute   accuracy   or   completeness   of   responses,   of   results,   and   of   any lack   of   negligence   or   lack      of   workmanlike   effort,   all   with   respect   to   the   Product,   and   the   provision   of   or   failure   to   provide   Support   Services. FURTHERMORE,   THERE   IS   NO   WARRANTY   OR   CONDITION   OF   TITLE,   QUIET   ENJOYMENT,   QUIET   POSSESSION,   OR   NON- INFRINGEMENT   WITH   REGARDS   TO   THE   HEREIN   CONTAINED   PRODUCT.   THE   ENTIRE   RISK   AS   TO   THE   QUALITY   OF   OR PERFORMANCE    OF    THE    PRODUCT    AND    SUPPORT    SERVICES,    IF    ANY,    REST    WITH    YOU.


In   spite   of   any   damages   that   you   may   or   may   not   incur   for   any   reason,   which   may   include,   but   are   not   limited   to,   any   and   all   direct   or general   damages,   the   entire   liability   of   Two   Can   Tech   LLC      and/or   any   of   the   aforementioned   suppliers   covered   under   the   herein   contained provisions   of   this   EULA,   along   with   Your      exclusive   remedy   with   regards   to   all   of   the   foregoing,   shall   hereby   be      limited   to   the   amount actually   paid   by   you   for   this   Product   .   Therefore,   the   aforementioned   limitations,   exclusions   and   any   disclaimers   shall   apply   to   the   maximum extent allowable by law, even should any proposed remedy fail its essential    purpose.


By clicking on the ACCEPT  button, you hereby agree that you will comply with any and all applicable export   laws,   restrictions   and   all   regulations   of   the   U.S.   Department   of   Commerce,   U.S.      Department   of   Treasury,   and   any   other   U.S.   or foreign   agency   or   authority   with   regards   to   this   provision   of   the   EULA.   You expressly   agree   not   to   export   or   re-export,   nor   allow   the   export   or re-   export   of   the   offered   content   in   violation   of   any   such   law,   restriction   or   regulation,   including   without   limitation,   export   or   re-export   to   any country   subject   to   any   and   all   applicable   U.S.   trade   embargoes   or   to   any   prohibited   destination,   in   any   group   specified   in   the   current "Supplement   No.      1   to   Part   740   or   the   Commerce   Control   List   specified   in   the   then   current   Supplement   No.   1   to   Part   738   of   the   U.S.   Export Administration Regulations (or any successor supplement or regulations)."


The   offered   content   is   licensed   by   the   U.S.   Government   with   RESTRICTED   RIGHTS.   The   use,   duplication   of,   or   the   disclosure   by   the   U.S. Government,   shall   be   subject   to   restrictions   in   accordance   with   DFARS 252.227-7013   of   the   Technical Data   and   Computer   Software   clause, and 48 DCR 52.227-19 of the Commercial Computer Software clause, as applicable.


This   EULA,   in   its   entirety,   shall   be   legally   binding   upon   and   inure   to   the   benefit   of   Two   Can   Tech   LLC   and   you,   our   respective   successors and   permitted   assigns.   Should   any   of   this   provision   be   deemed   invalid   or   unenforceable,   such   determination   will   not   affect   the   validity   or enforceability   of   any   other   provision   contained   herein.   If   there   is   any   waiver   of   any   breach   or   failure   to   enforce   any   of   the   provisions contained   herein,   it   shall   not   be   deemed   as   a   future   waiver   of   said   terms   or   a   waiver   of   any   other   provision   of   this   EULA.   Any   waiver, supplementation,   modification   or   amendment   to   any   provision   of   this   EULA,   shall   only   be   effective   when   done   so   in   writing   and   signed   off   by Two   Can   Tech   LLC   and   you.   This   EULA   shall   be   governed   solely   by   the   laws   of   the   State   of   Ohio   and   of   the   United   States.   Should   any action   arise   out   of   or   in   relation   to   this   EULA,   such   action   may   be   brought   exclusively   in   the   appropriate   federal   or   state   court   in   Akron,   Ohio, and as such, you and Two Can Tech LLC irrevocably consent to the jurisdiction of said court and venue for Akron,   Ohio.


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