HAMS Calculator is now available for Android Devices too!
The HAMS Calculator is now available for iOS and Android devices
The detailed information on the recording form allows you to determine what factors are contributing to illegible writing and what areas need targeted. You can also see at a glance whether initiated strategies are effective or when it is time to try another approach. Information becomes much more useful when the traditional subjective nature of assessment is removed.
Remediation begins the second you involve your students or clients in objectively looking at their work to complete the Legi- Label - and it doesn’t end there - Legi-Cue reminder stickers are available for all the times that you cannot be there to remind them to use their pencil grip, recheck their descender letter placement or simply to place on a selected paper that you want the student to review.
Handwriting Success! Quicker results! Student/clients are involved in the scoring process throughout which gives them immediate feedback and ownership of their improvements providing pride that you can see as they look up from a paper that they are excited to share.
HAMS Handwriting Calculator, Legi-Label, Legi-Rule Scoring Guide, Legi-Cue Reminder Stickers
This exciting system brings formative assessment to the world of handwriting. All components of the system work seamlessly together to provide the therapist or teacher with the ability ot assess, analyze, and plan detailed objective, measurable data like never before - on a daily basis. The system is so easy that all the guesswork and painstaking grading of handwriting samples is removed as well as the complex time-consuming calculations for legibility and rate. The system is literally easy enough to use on a daily basis. It will transform your life and the writing performance of your students. The HAMS Handwriitng Calculator is customized to the Handwriting Accuracy Monitoring System (HAMS) Rubric, the HAMS Recording Form, and the Legi-Label editing stickers.
The Handwriting Calculator is customized to the Handwriting Accuracy Monitoring System (HAMS) rubric, the Handwriting Accuracy Monitoring System (HAMS) recording form, and the Legi-Label editing stickers. Once letters and errors are assessed and recorded on the label, the numbers are simply entered into the appropriate field on the calculator and you have your legibility score instantly. The Legi-Label is an invaluable tool not only for he therapist but also for the student. Even young children can be brought into the evaluation process whether using it as a general checklist upon completion of the assignment or in helping in the evaluation process of their own work - students become skilled at pointing out word spacing and alignment issues very quickly. The Legi-Rule guide takes the guesswork out of scoring your students or clients handwriting samples. The quick, transparent reference guide is simply placed over the lines of the sample allowing for easy and accurate scoring - and of course, it increases inter-rater reliability. The total possible and the errors for each section are then recorded on the Legi-Label. At your convenience, the total possible and the error numbers for each section are easily entered into the Handwriting calculator. The calculator instantly provides the number correct and percentage correct for each of the five sections (capitalization - weighted 10%, punctuation - weighted 10%, spacing - weighted 100%, alignment - weighted 100%, and formation - weighted 100%) along with an overall accuracy score which uses the percentage correct for each section multiplied by the weighted percentage each section plays into the total accuracy score based on the weighted percentages. Once calculating your accuracy score, it is easy to record the information onto the HAMS Recording Form and transfer scores onto the Legi-Label if desired. It is helpful to record any changes or specifics of the given an assignment in the appropriate box on the recording form so that you can potentially look specifically at data for that area such as copying information from a board or when trying out in adaptive type of paper for example. The calculator also has a rate button which opens into another screen that calculates words or letters per minute. It is as simple as tapping "start time" as the student begins writing, tapping “end time” when they are finished, and then counting and entering the number of letters and/or words that they have completed. You instantly see letters per minute and/or words per minute totals. That fast! Of course, it can also be used in the same manner for calculating typing speed.
Introducing the Handwriting Accuracy Monitoring System (HAMS)
Once a writing assignment is complete - editing begins with a Legi-Label being applied to the sample. The provided rubric is then used to score the sample - accurately with the Legi-Rule.
Data is easily entered from the Legi-Label into the matching fields on the HAMS Handwriting Calculator. Sample is instantly scored - with percentages for each section.
Scores are then easily transferred onto the self-graphing Handwriting Accuracy Monitoring System (HAMS) Recording Form.
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