Sample S.E.A.L. Forms
Data-CAT allows you to efficiently and effectively log and graph student progress on all standard Dolch and Fry word lists. The words on each page come from the frequency order of the original lists and are arranged in alphabetical order to make logging of responses quick and efficient. No more getting dizzy hunting down a word as your student is flying through flashcards!
This graph depicts student performance on a writing rubric. As shown here, you can easily see the overall progress the student is making as well as his/her performance on the individual components. By displaying the data graphically, teachers and students can easily track and analyze performance and target areas for improvement with each lesson. Data-CAT contains a Writing Process Rubric, a variety of specialty rubrics as well as numerous blank rubrics that can be used for tracking performance over a large number of skills.
This program features a unique instructional method to allow students, including those having disabilities, to quickly master this important life skill. This is a comprehensive, all-inclusive curriculum for teaching all levels of money skills – presented in a format which allows early student success through its systematic levelled activities. The presentation of the program includes exposure to all money denominations from the beginning – even though activities focus on only one level at a time, encouraging early money recognition and differentiation. The coins and paper bills are all realistic photographs which transition easily to real-world money use.
Two Can Tech LLC is proud to offer our new Supplemental Educational Activities for Learning (SEAL) products. We have a variety of Boom Cards that are essentially custom designed apps that can be run on computers, tablets or even smartphones. Easy to use and available for immediate download! Useful curriculum for Parents and Homeschoolers! Quality instructional activities and forms that teachers can assign and provide to their students - use in the classroom or use for at-home practice. Perfect for DISTANCE LEARNING! The bundle set includes specific card sets for progress monitoring - data driven information that enhances student learning. Included in each set is an original Data-CAT self-graphing form to efficiently know which task is mastered and which ones needs more practice. These cost-effective quality instructional activities are professionally designed to help educators and parents provide interactive hands-on systematic instruction for students on a wide range of concepts. Most products come with self-graphing data collection tools to guide instruction and facilitate rapid skill acquisition and maintenance. All S.E.A.L. activities have been professionally developed and are now available for download.
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Sample Forms
S.E.A.L.’s Money Skills Development Curriculum is the only resource you need to teach all levels of money skills. It includes the following for each of its 19 instructional concept levels: 2 instructional slides at the beginning of each level 2 reverse practice slides following instructional slides 15 slide practice of the new concept presented in sequential order and 5 review slides 15 slide practice of the new concept and 5 review slides in random order Data-CAT Self-Graphing Progress Monitoring Form with separate area to log review slides This technique has been successfully utilized for more than 25 years and results in rapid skill acquisition while incorporating embedded maintenance of learned skills.
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Original Data-CAT Monitoring Logs are included for each of the 19 levels ensuring that progress is being made or signaling when additional remediation is necessary. The program includes downloadable leveled “prices” on printable sheets for use with physical coins and bills and over 800 Google Slides which can be used for either online collaborative instruction or student independent practice through Google Classroom.
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Most S.E.A.L. Actvities have corresponding data collection sheets