DATA - MANAGED Data-CAT is a complete caseload data organization system to manage all of the information that needs recorded on a regular basis. In addition to data collection, Data-CAT provides a format to keep your student demographic information up to date and accessible while providing easy sorting options for quick reference whenever needed. (Instantly sort by IEP due date, classroom teacher, etc., for efficient planning and reference.) Once demographic information is entered on the data entry form - goals are then added and individualized data forms are selected to monitor the status of that given goal. Data-CAT currently has over 150 forms that have been custom-designed to efficiently log status on a daily basis. Once all information has been added, goal sheets, with their customized data collection forms are then printed to be used in data collection binders.
RELEVANT INFORMATION - ORGANIZED This is the one system you need for efficient caseload management. Data-Collect, Analyze, Target! Not only will your collection of data be efficient, your will be able to easily analyze it. All of the forms are self-graphing, enabling you to notice trends and determine when and what changes might be needed - TARGET! It is easy to determine if that new strategy put in place is working or if further changes are needed. Data-CAT forms have been professionally developed and used extensively in the classroom and therapy setting.
PROGRESS REPORTS - EASIER THAN EVER Current status can be determined at a glance to transfer to your district’s progress recording forms - or for that quick after-school phone call!
Access from any device through web-based encrypted secure server. (Mac, PC, iOS, Android)
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A variety of Controlled Presentation graphs are available to log just about anything that comes your way. As with all Data-CAT professionally designed forms, information is efficiently logged in one consistent place and the data can be immediately analyzed.
This graph allows you to record the prompt level needed to accomplish each step of the given task as it is broken down into steps on the task analysis. Another task analysis graph is available with just “+” or “-” for trials if cue level is not as relevant. A variety of tasks are available as well as a blank form for you to customize to meet your specific needs. On this graph, the number of INDEPENDENT steps and the amount of time if desired is easily determined. Time would be logged with the “o” as shown in the key - with time logged from 0 to 20 minutes using the same graph. (Time can be a critical variable in situations in which it is necessary to realistically perform a task in a reasonable amount of time for it to be meaningful and useful.)
Below is a sample of the Occupational Therapy Data Collection Form - allows you to record data for all of your goals in one place. This form is suitable for Medicaid billing. Forms are also available Physical Therapy and Speech/Language Therapy. Plans of care forms are available for Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy as well. The image on the right is an example of the print list page which has been sorted by IEP due date.