I have worked as a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA/L) since graduating in 1988 - following an indirect path to O.T. - first obtaining a B.A. in design with a business management minor. Through the years, I developed Teach-N-Ties and frequently consulted with my sister giving input into her products . We decided to combine our expertise and TwoCanTech was born. I am particularly excited about the Handwriting Accuracy Monitoring System (HAMS) which was developed by doing comprehensive research and testing of techniques that I had been using for years and adding in her educational expertise and penchant for data collection and analysis. The HAMS is a unique, comprehensive progress monitoring system that can be universally applied to samples, providing relevant, consistent data on practically any writing prompt generated in a school setting.
Maureen Kovach Newell Vice President/Secretary Maureen@TwoCanTech.com
Two Can Tech LLC started as an opportunity for me to share my passion for educating students having disabilities. I have been in the field of education for more than 35 years, both as a teacher and a Student Services Administrator. Throughout that time I have worked with many exceptional teachers and therapists who were doing amazing work, but having difficulty in effectively and efficiently monitoring student progress and adjusting their instructional strategies quickly enough to capitalize on instructional time for students. Likewise, administrators often face expectations and inefficient work flows that limit their ability to be effective instructional leaders. The products developed by Two Can Tech LLC allow teachers, therapists and administrators to do what they do best - create exceptional learning environments for students
Dr. Christine A. Kovach Founder/President Christine@TwoCanTech.com
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EDUCATION Ph.D. in Special Education - concentration in Curriculum & Instruction - Kent State University Master of Education in Orthopedic and Multiple Disabilities - Kent State University B.S. in Education in Deaf and Hearing Impaired Education - Kent State University WORK SETTINGS Director of Student Services - 1995 - 2019 (retired) Database Designer/Developer - 1998 - present Intervention Specialist - 1986-1995 Adjunct Professor - 1990-1992
EDUCATION A.A.S., Occupational Therapy Assistant - Shawnee State University B.A., Design - Kent State University WORK SETTINGS Developer and manufacturer of Teach-N-Ties - 2004 - present Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant / Licensed (COTA/L), School-Based Setting - 1992 - present Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant / Licensed (COTA/L), Medical Center, Work Hardening, and Sheltered Workshop Settings - 1988-1995
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